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I, Sam W. J. Johnson (b. 1988, Santa Fe, NM), am a painter and multidisciplinary artisan. My love of painting and color takes place on various substrates including canvas, wood, and glass, primarily using acrylic paints. Painting is a form of meditative release for me.


There is never a plan going into the start of a painting. Through layering and removing material - sometimes with wild abandon - the exploration of the painting begins. The paintings reveal themselves with every stroke of paint and color.


Painting allows me to go for a deep dive into the minutiae. As I'm working on paintings I develop portal-like compositions that can create a painting within a painting visual experience. This is a very intuitive and at times, recklessly detailed stream of conscious painting. My paintings strive for peaceful balance while presenting form and beauty in chaotic and colorful expressions. I offer the paintings as invitations to explore fields of color and spark the imagination.


I have participated in solo and group art shows in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, and Phoenix. My pieces are collected nationally and internationally. 


I'm available for fine artwork commissions, as well as residential, architectural, and commercial artwork commissions. Using a highly adaptable and durable substrate, such as glass, allows the art to transcend traditional framed art. With expertise in reverse glass painting, I offer creative possibilities for custom backsplashes, furniture tops, and decorative accents. From years in the trades and custom home building, my experience opens the opportunity to utilize glass art in a variety of design applications. Assisting clients in matching color palettes and working with architectural renderings I can help turn visions into reality. Contact me to learn more about these offerings. 


Sam lives and creates in Santa Fe, NM.


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